Aims & Values

Our Aims

a. We will nurture curiosity, character and independence, fueling a passion for learning in all children and staff to shape confident, creative, resourceful and resilient individuals.

b. We will support and deploy resources effectively and efficiently to make a valued contribution for the good of all our young people, our economy and our community.

c.  To achieve this we will secure:

  • A broad, deep and balanced curriculum enabling choice and inclusive learning opportunities, promoting aspiration
  • Financial sustainability and commercial resilience, with operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expansion of the Trust to support the majority of school age children in the Abingdon area - in order to support investment in community provision, shared use of facilities, learning opportunities and networks.
Our Values
  • QUALITY:   to create an outstanding learning community, including strong leadership and governance
  • OPPORTUNITY:   to provide the best opportunities for all children to reach their full potential
  • COLLABORATION:  to support a shared commitment and dedication to learning
  • AMBITION:   for continual improvement and to strive for excellence in all we do
  • COMMUNITY:   to be an active participant in our community, leading and supporting initiatives for the benefit of all members of society